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Managing dermathological patients' history

S-Journal is a web application built by Software Engineer working closely with medical centers specialized in dermathology. It is a software dedicated to managing data ranging from patient anamnesi to her/his clinical evolution over time.

S-Journal allows to keep track of a patient data, his/her history, the history of the family, and also diagnosis and therapies prescribed during medical examinations. Diagnosis may include pictures and documents issued by the center or by external structures.

Medical experiences

S-Journal allows dermatholgical professionals to systematically organize their cases together with frequent therapies related to them. While examining a patient, the diagnosis and therapies can be recalled in order to evaluate their applicability to the case at hand. It is further possible to keep track of the drugs and the treatment modalities prescribed to each single patient.

Statistical analysis

S-Journal allows to aggregate data so as to produce reports on a temporal basis and/or filtering on diagnosis type, therapy and drugs.


You can view a demo of S-Journal here.
You can request the credentials sending an email to office (at) softwareengineer (dot) it.